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Owls Embroidery Design Set


Whooo goes there? Included in this set are 9 owl designs. Fun for any occasion! Great for Spring time and Fall projects. Owls seem to be so popular these days we just couldn't resist. Most designs in this set are 3 inches in height or less and include five color changes or less. This set will fit your machine's standard 4x4 hoop.
Please see below for specific sizes and stitch count noted next to each graphic, or download the thread chart below.

Choose desired format and size below:
Size Format $10.00

Download Thread Chart

Owl 1 Embroidery Design
Owl 1

4x4 (EDD020O1)
Stitches: 6,811
Height: 70mm (2.77 inch)
Width: 61mm (2.41 inch)

Owl 2

4x4 (EDD020O2)
Stitches: 5,600
Height: 66mm (2.59 inch)
Width: 48mm (1.89 inch)

Owl 2 Embroidery Design
Owl 3 Embroidery Design
Owl 3

4x4 (EDD020O3)
Stitches: 6,154
Height: 65mm (2.54 inch)
Width: 51mm (2.00 inch)

Owl 4

4x4 (EDD020O4)
Stitches: 9,007
Height: 70mm (2.74 inch)
Width: 62mm (2.43 inch)

Owl 4 Embroidery Design
Owl 5 Embroidery Design
Owl 5

4x4 (EDD020O5)
Stitches: 9,453
Height: 69mm (2.73 inch)
Width: 56mm (2.20 inch)

Owl 6

4x4 (EDD020O6)
Stitches: 8,513
Height: 79mm (3.10 inch)
Width: 52mm (2.03 inch)

Owl 6 Embroidery Design
Owl 7 Embroidery Design
Owl 7

4x4 (EDD020O7)
Stitches: 7,409
Height: 68mm (2.67 inch)
Width: 58mm (2.28 inch)

Owl 8

4x4 (EDD020O8)
Stitches: 6,729
Height: 71mm (2.81 inch)
Width: 53mm (2.08 inch)

Owl 8 Embroidery Design
Owl 9 Embroidery Design
Owl 9

4x4 (EDD020O9)
Stitches: 8,502
Height: 80mm (3.14 inch)
Width: 53mm (2.07 inch)


Choose desired format and size below:
Size Format $10.00