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Frequently Asked Questions

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Design Information
What formats do you offer?
We offer Art (v3, v4, v5), dst, exp, hus, jef, pcs, pec, pes, sew, vip, vp3, and xxx. Please note to sew and pcs format users: 5 x 7 or larger designs are not compatible with your machine.
How do I know what format to use?
Download a free sample. The free samples include all formats offered by EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. You can then experiment with the different formats to determine which one works with your embroidery system. You can also review the instruction manual which came with your embroidery system or contact your dealer to review compatible formats. Please be certain of the format compatible with your system prior to purchasing. Due to the electronic nature of these designs, Embroidery Designs Download can not offer refunds or exchanges in the event you purchase an incompatible format.
How do I get a thread chart?
Browse to the specific embroidery design set of interest at EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. Look for a link immediately above the design set graphics entitled "Download Thread Chart". Click on this link to download the thread chart in .pdf format and save it to your computer.
Do you offer free embroidery designs?
Yes, please view our free embroidery designs here. Feel free to download them and check out the quality. Please be aware that our copyright policy applies to all of our free embroidery designs. You are free to use them for your personal use or small business. However, you may not claim any embroidery designs originating from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com as your own, duplicate them, or redistribute them, whether modified or not, in any way!
Can I resize or convert the designs I purchase?
Yes, you may absolutely convert or resize the embroidery designs. But, please be aware that Embroidery Designs Download does not encourage this or guarantee the results. We will only guarantee the quality of the original and unmodified embroidery design files sent. Many programs are stitch based and once an embroidery design is resized, undesired density or other problems arise. In addition, like any embroidery design it will have a limitation. Therefore we never recommend scaling any larger or smaller than 15%.
How do I accomplish sewing my appliqué design?
Embroidery Library has some great tutorials. Please read about how to create appliqué by viewing a tutorial with specific directions here. Check out their other great tutorials as well, there are so many other tips that can be very helpful.
Do you test your embroidery designs?
Yes, all embroidery designs are stitched out on a commercial embroidery machine, sometimes multiple times prior to completion. This guarantees complete accuracy of the design.
Do the embroidery design files contain hoops, and if so, what size?
No, hoops are not contained in the embroidery design files and this does not have any impact on design quality. We primarily note hoop sizes on EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com for you to be aware of the hoop size needed to sew out the embroidery designs. Most designs 64mm (2.5 inch) in height and smaller are compatible with a "small hoop" referred as the "4x4". Embroidery Designs larger than 64mm (2.5 inch) often will not fit on a 4x4 hoop due to the width and individual ornamentation. In these cases, the 4x4 hoop is used if possible. However, embroidery designs larger than 64mm (2.5 inch) are typically compatible with 5x7 or medium hoops. Large designs, which will not fit on a 5x7 hoop are made to fit on a 6x10 or similar size. Please note that some embroidery designs will vary slightly in size depending upon the format. Please also note that hoop sizes are indicated based on size considerations with respect to the format. Not all hoops are exactly the same size, please measure. Also, it's important to point out that you must subtract the width of the needle foot from the entire perimeter of your hoop. You will not be able to utilize the entire height or width of your hoop, due to room needed for the needle foot to trace the area.
What is the version of the .ART formats?
Versions 3.0 and 4.0 and or 5.0 are included. If you need a version older than 3.0, you can receive a free software upgrade from your Bernina Dealer as an alternative. This would allow you to use the version 4.0 .ART files. If you have version 5 or 6 please use version 5.0 if available, if not use version 4.0.
Can I get my designs on CD?
Yes, but this option is not set up via the EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com website. If you wish to have your designs on CD you must email us with a request. We will then send you a PayPal invoice for $6.95. This will cover the cost of the CD, handling and shipping priority mail. Your CD will be shipped within 2 business days.
What kind of software do you use and what is the quality?
Several different programs are used depending upon the effects desired. Both are object/vector based to provide excellent stitch accuracy and are the most highly respected on the market. One is a professional software package that allows many sophisticated embroidery design elements not available through most other programs. All embroidery design sets are manually digitized to provide the highest stitch quality and minimum jump stitches possible.
My outlines are not lined up like displayed on Embroidery Designs Download. Why?
There are a couple reasons this can occur. Misalignments are usually the result of poor stabilization of the fabric or improper hooping. We suggest some excellent tutorials at www.embroiderylibrary.com to help you with these issues. Their tutorials are priceless and cover many facets of machine embroidery.
Why are the colors in my design funky?
Embroidery design files do not save color palettes, only stitch properties. Therefore your program will substitute default colors when you open an embroidery design which is not created in your native format. This will make the design appear funky looking and it is very normal so do not be alarmed. If you follow our thread chart as a guide you will have no trouble sewing out our embroidery designs and matching up colors.

How is my payment processed?
We have a secure server and all payments are processed via a reputable merchant processor. You may use your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.
What is an Echeck?
An Echeck is a method of payment with PayPal wherin the payment is funded directly from your bank account (as opposed to being funded with your PayPal balance or a credit card that you have on file with PayPal). It is like writing a check but it is an electronic funds transfer. When you make payment with an Echeck, the transaction will be held as pending for 3-4 business days, until the electronic funds transfer clears your bank. The Echeck can not be used unless you have, or sign-up for, a PayPal account. Usually, the Echeck is only useful for those individuals that would like to use funds from a particular checking account that is not associated with their PayPal account. With an Echeck, payment is not finalized until funds clear your bank. Therefore, Download Codes for designs purchased with use of an Echeck will not immediately be delivered.
Can I get more than one format for the price of one?
No. Due to the nature of our product, we only allow one format with each purchase.

How do I receive the embroidery designs I purchase?
Purchased embroidery designs may be downloaded immediately! Upon finalizing payment, a download code(s) will be displayed on screen. You should either write down the download codes or print the web page to keep record of your download codes. In addition, and for your convenience, you will also receive an email containing the same download codes. Therefore, please be attentive when entering your email address as part of the checkout process (so as to avoid any misspellings). You will need to enter the Download Codes on the "Download Purchases" page (link on left side of website), to receive your files. It is recommended you copy and paste the codes so as to eliminate any possible errors in typing them.
What exactly will I receive?
You will receive a "Download Code" which you will use to download your embroidery designs. The download code is displayed at conclusion of the payment process and is also emailed separately to you. You will need to retrieve this download code and return to EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com to download the embroidery design set. To do this, click the "Download Purchases" link located on the left side of the page under "Store Info" (or click here). Enter your download code and save the embroidery design set to your computer. The file you download is zipped (compressed). It will need to be unzipped (decompressed, extracted) before the embroidery designs can be utilized. Once the files are unzipped, you will have a collection of individual embroidery design files in the format you selected, with each file representing one of the embroidery designs in the set you purchased. These files can then be transferred to your embroidery machine and used like any other embroidery design files of the same format which you should be accustomed to.
How does the instant download work?
Upon finalizing payment, a unique download code(s) will be displayed on screen. This same download code will also be emailed separately to you, so please be attentive when entering your email address as part of the checkout process (so as to avoid any misspellings). You will need to copy the download code and return to EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. Click the "Download Purchases" link on the left side of the page under "Store Info" and enter the code. You will then be prompted for a folder location on your computer to save the design files. Thereafter, the embroidery designs will be transferred directly to your computer and will reside in the folder you selected as part of this process.
How do I get my Download Code?
Download codes are displayed on screen immediately after completing payment. However, as soon as you browse elsewhere the download codes will no longer be displayed. For this reason, download codes are also emailed separately to the email address you provide as part of the check-out process. Please be attentive when entering your email address so as to avoid any mispellings. You should expect to receive an email containing the Download Codes within a minute or two following payment completion.
How long does it take to receive the download codes?
Download Codes will be displayed in your browser window immediately once your purchase is complete. You will also receive an email containing the Download Codes within minutes after completing your purchase. If you have not received the email after a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder and you did not purchase with an Echeck (PayPal payment funded with your bank account), please contact us immediately by clicking here.
I purchased a embroidery design set but, I have not yet received my Download Code, where is it?
It could be one of several reasons. First, occasionally the email containing the Download Code is delivered to your email address "bulk" folder instead of your "inbox". This folder is typically used to store spam which you normally do not want in your inbox. If you did not receive an email from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com within a minute or two following purchase, check your bulk (spam) folder (if you have one). To prevent future disruptions, please also set your spam filter to accept email from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. Second, this may result from using an Echeck (funds from your bank account) when paying with your PayPal account. With an Echeck, payment is not finalized until funds clear your bank. Your download code will be sent to you automatically as soon as the Echeck clears your bank, typically 3-4 business days. Finally, check that the email address you used during the checkout process is correct. It is our experience that often a typo is inadvertently entered. If you used your PayPal account to purchase, please double check that the email associated with your PayPal account is correct. If you have completed a purchase, and realize your email address is incorrect, please contact us by clicking here.
I've checked my spam mail and I didn't pay with an Echeck, now what do I do?
Please email us immediately by clicking here, or using the "Contact Us" link above. We will respond as quickly as possible with download codes for the embroidery designs you purchased.
How do I unzip the free samples and/or embroidery designs I purchase?
You will need to unzip (extract) the embroidery design files before they can be transferred to your embroidery machine for use.

Windows Vista: Right-click the file and select "Extract All...". Choose a folder location on your computer to save the extracted (unzipped) file. Click "Extract". The unzipped file should now reside in the folder you selected as part of this process.

Windows XP: Right-click the file and select "Extract All...". The Extraction Wizard should be displayed, click "Next". Choose a folder location on your computer to save the extracted (unzipped) file. Click "Next" (a password is not required). Click "Finish". The unzipped file should now reside in the folder you selected as part of this process.

If you do not have Windows Vista or XP, first try the methods described above. However, you may need another means of unzipping the file. Fortunately, you can download a free 30-day evaluation version of WinZip at www.WinZip.com for this purpose. Once WinZip is installed on your computer, double-click the downloaded file to launch WinZip. This will open a utility allowing you to Extract (unzip) the file. You might also try a Google search for "Free Unzipping Software".
How do I get the embroidery designs transferred to my machine?
This can vary as there are so many machines on the market of many different vintages. Thus, a good start is to locate directions that came with your machine. You might also contact your dealer for specific steps.
I've lost all the embroidery designs I've purchased from you, will you resend them to me?
We are happy to replace or resend designs you have purchased. However, we will only go back up to two years and we will only resend embroidery designs to the same email address used at time of the original purchase. Therefore, it is important for you to always back up your embroidery designs on CD so you always have a copy should computer failure occur.

What is your refund policy?
Technical support is available should trouble arise. However, Embroidery Designs Download does not offer refunds or exchanges once embroidery design files are downloaded. This is due to the nature of our product being easily reproducable. Therefore, we highly recommend that you try our free designs before purchase. This will allow you to check format and quality and to make sure your hardware/software will support our designs.
I've ordered the wrong design, what do I do now?
Embroidery Designs Download will gladly send an equivalent design/design set as long as the originaly purchased embroideyr design files have not been downloaded. Once the embroidery design files have been downloaded, no exchange or refund is available. Thank you for your understanding!

What is your copyright policy?
You are welcome to embroider designs obtained from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com on personal items and items sold commercially. However, our designs, including all free designs, are copyrighted and therefore you do not have permission to share, modify, reproduce, sell, re-sell, and/or distribute our embroidery designs or any files associated with them without prior written approval from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. For further information, please read our Terms of Service by clicking here.
Can I use your design images on my website or store for my customers to see?
Yes, you may use our images but you must follow our guidelines. First, contact us so that we may document your permission. Also, our link must be indicated next to our image and a statement which states "Design and graphic property of www.EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com, copyright law applies".
Can I use the images that you have of your embroidery designs on my print work such as cards, scrapbooking or other graphic projects?
No. Our artwork is licensed from professional artists and copyright policies apply to be used specifically for embroidery purposes.

What kind of thread do you recommend?
Embroidery Designs Download uses Madeira and some Isacord, poly threads. These are our personal tried and true favorites! Of course there are many other quality brands on the market, but if you are just starting out...these embroidery threads are great brands to try.
Do you have ever have any discounts or sales?
Yes, if interested please sign up for our Special Offers by clicking here, or using the "Special Offers!" link located on the left side of the page under "Store Info". Your email address will be stored in our database and special offers will be emailed to you periodically as well as occasional news regarding recently added embroidery design sets. Please also set your spam filter to accept email from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. This is necessary as sometimes spam blockers can prevent your receipt of our email.
How can I get notified of newly available embroidery design sets or designs?
First, set your spam filter to accept email from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com. Sometimes spam blockers can prevent your receipt of our email to you so, this step is important. Second, sign up for our "Special Offers" by clicking here. By doing this you will also be notified of our periodic sales! Your email address will be recorded to our database. Notice of new releases and special offers will be emailed to you periodically.
Do you offer custom embroidery digitizing?
Unfortunately we do not offer custom work at this time as we remin focused on providing high quality embroidery designs for EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com.
Why do I see some designs on Embroidery Designs Download at other internet design vendors?
EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com uses graphic art from many sources. Some are from limited sets and so you may see what looks like our work duplicated elsewhere, but chances are it is a completely different embroidery design created by another individual. Of course we feel our embroidery designs are of exceptional quality compared to other's. In addition, many of our graphics are custom or we have special licensing rights that you will not find elsewhere. Our goal is to provide the most creative and whimsical embroidery designs to you, so you will find a varied mix of designs.
I purchased a embroidery design set for my mom or friend, can you email her the codes too?
No, we do not tolerate any sharing of embroidery designs from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com and will not send download codes to any email address that is not associated with the original purchase. Thank you for understanding our policy.
My computer crashed and I've lost all my designs. What do I do?
We realize how devastating loss of your embroidery designs can be and will gladly resend designs purchased within the past two years. Please note, it is our recommendation that you immediately make a copy of your embroidery designs on a cd. By doing so you will never have a worry should you experience computer failure.

Contact Information
Do you have a phone number?
Embroidery Designs Download does not have a phone line at this time, but we do hope to add a business line in the near future. Please send us an email by clicking here or click on the "Contact Us" link above for further support. Replies can be expected within a couple of hours but, please allow up to 24 hours.
I have questions. How can I get further support?
At this time Embroidery Designs Download communicates primarily via email. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback. Typically we respond very quickly but, please allow up to 24 hours during busier seasons or holidays. Please click here or click on the "Contact Us" link above to send us an email.
I've emailed you and you haven't answered. Why?
Typically, questions are answered within 1-8 hours. Average reply is within 1-2 hours. In unusual circumstances please allow up to 24 hours. We ask for your patience and allow for time zone difference, internet server delays and possible spam blocks. Please note that Embroidery Designs Download is located in the central time zone.
What is spam mail or why am I not receiving your emails or vice versa?
Many Internet Service Providers and/or free email providers have spam filters that block almost anything and in turn may filter or divert emails from Embroidery Designs Download to your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for emails from us before re-emailing. Unfortunately, we have no control over ensuring that our emails do not end up in your spam box. In this event, if you are not checking your spam box regularly we are then not able to communicate with you. Please also remember that email is not infallible. It is always possible that emails get lost in cyberspace, internet connections do not always work, and/or email servers go down. It is important for you to know that there can be many possible reasons why your email may not have been received by us and/or visa versa. In this case, we may not have received your email or you may not have received our response. We suggest you set your spam filter to accept email from EmbroideryDesignsDownload.com and then resending your email.